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Pypley calculates flow rate, velocity & pressure drops with liquids of any density or viscosity values. The software is designed to calculate multiple pipes in series.


The app offers the following main features :

  • Support Metric and US imperial units.

  • Calculates flow rate, velocity and pressure in pipes.

  • Produce a pressure losses table for each fitting and pipe  used in the system.

  • Ability to set the flow or pressure by adjusting the pump speed (rpm).

  • Native and customised pump database.

  • Produce a pump/system curve.

  • Produce the calculated K values for all the fittings using the 3K & 2K method.

  • Produce the Reynolds number for each pipe  diameter.

  • Produce the pipe friction factor using the   Colebrook equation.

  • Produce pump discharge pressure and the pressure at each pipe starting point.

  • Produce NPSHr and NPSHa values to check for pump cavitation.

  • Create a customised fitting list with Kv and Cv flow coefficients or three pressure/flow curve points.

  • Detect negative pressure values in the pipe line.

  • Detect when the centrifugal pump hits maximum flow capability.

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Graphical and Numerical Outputs

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Graphical Output

The Graphical Output gives the user a quick perspective on the pump and system 

performance. This output includes a pump curve, system curve and the pump efficiency curve.  

Customised Fitting

This input method allows the user to simulate any fitting with known flow coefficient KV (metric) or CV (us-imperial) value or flow and pressure curve points.

Output Analysis

This output encompasses all the elements related to flow rate, power and  pressure drop through different fittings. The list covers all the mechanical fittings added to each pipe ( valves, elbows, reducers, etc.)

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